Earlier this month, I had the pleasure of playing at a wonderful place called Caramoor over in Katonah, NY. My trio and I played in their beautiful Music Room for their Roots Music in the Music Room series, and we got to kick off their spring season. Getting the show off to a great start were Kristin Andreassen and Jefferson Hamer. No Depression featured a great review of the show:

Dom Flemons is a force of nature and a showman — whirling around the stage from instrument to instrument, spinning yarns and telling tales of the great country and blues musicians from the past, alternating from original material to old time songs that would be lost forever if it wasn’t for his respect and care in keeping it alive.

With his set divided between both solo work and his trio that included Mike Johnson on percussion and Brian Farrow on bass, it’s a roller coaster of entertainment and musical heritage not to be missed. He brought Kristin back up to do some clog dancing, sing and play the harp and in an unusual moment of personal coincidence, spoke lovingly of Tom Paxton, whom he met at Folk Alliance.”

Read the rest of the review over here and find out where you can see me on tour!

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