Welcome to my New Website

Hello Folks!!!

Welcome to my brand new website, TheAmericanSongster.com!

I now have an official website that will bring together all of my various ventures in the world of traditional music.  This includes articles, videos, discographies and other pieces of my adventures around the United States and the World!

As this is a brand new website, please look around at all of the special features that my team has put together for fans of my music and also good music.  You can also find information about my shows and appearances.

If you have checked in with my social media via Facebook, Instagram and Twitter you know that I post various videos and articles about music that I think would be of interest to fans of my music.

Make sure to come by and visit often as there will be a lot more coming from the team here at The American Songster!

Here’s to the Year of the Folksinger!  It still moves on forward!  We’ll catch you all down the road!

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