12th Annual African American Foodways Dinner: Biscuits for Your Outside Man

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Though the Blues has had an enormous impact on American music, many of the form’s most influential artists have struggled behind the scenes. In 1994, Tim and Denise Duffy started the Music Makers Relief Foundation to provide financial support to Southern working class musicians, ensuring that their legacies and music will be preserved. Limited by age and abject poverty, many of these artists have almost given up hope when instead they should be celebrated and recorded into history.

Just like the Music Makers have brought back musicways embedded in American roots, Zingerman’s Roadhouse has strived to connect with foodways that are steeped in American culture. Chef Alex Young has collaborated with our special guest, Music Makers member Dom Flemons from The Carolina Chocolate Drops, to create a dinner that reflects the music of the very artists the foundation has helped promote. Come by and taste the BBQ that Drink Small praises in his song, “Living in a BBQ World”, and the buttery biscuits that Algia Mae Hinton sings about in “Biscuits for your Outside Man”. The Music Makers Relief Dinner on Tuesday, January 17th, will be an opportunity to enjoy great food, hear soulful music, and to help protect expressive talent by purchasing tickets to a truly remarkable event.  Read more here.


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