The National Cowboy Poetry Gathering is the Essential Western Culture Experience

At the National Cowboy Poetry Gathering in Elko, Nev., storytelling is king. It’s stories of family, stories of history and heritage, stories of ranches, rodeos and rolling cigarettes, mountain ranges and meadows – stories of the west – that bind together generations who’ve spent their lives working land and cattle. The stories are the reason thousands of bronco-busters and city dwelling desperados have descended on Nevada’s cowboy country for the 33rd installment of this week long festival celebrating the music, poetry and craftsmanship that defines the modern rural west.

Poems on the Range

Cowboys and poetry may not seem to go hand in hand. But a week at the National Cowboy Poetry Gathering will change your mind. Maybe you have a particular vision of a cowboy; the stoic high plains drifter who rides into town with a pistol by his side. Or a man who hawks Marlboro cigarettes.  Read more here. poetry-793x526.jpg

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