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Good morning in Memphis, where the trolleys are coming back and you don’t have to travel south for gumbo, but first …

“Sun Records,” the CMT series which may already be the most significant television series made both in and about Memphis, debuted last night. The first of The 9:01’s weekly recaps:

Episode Title:  “706 Union Ave.,” the address of Sam Phillips’ Memphis Recording Service, later to become Sun Studio.

Plot Synopsis: The opening episode of “Sun Records” sets up four parallel tracks: Family man Sam Phillips (Chad Michael Murray), recently relocated to Memphis from Alabama, finds a little space on Union Avenue to set up his “Memphis Recording Service,” and makes his first connections in the local music scene, including finding a kindred spirit who happens to have the same last name in the form of wildman disk jockey Dewey Phillips (Keir O’Donnell).

Meanwhile, a young Johnny Cash (Kevin Fonteyne) broods on a Dyess, Arkansas, dirt farm, dreaming of escaping to Detroit or Memphis, while a young Elvis Presley (Drake Milligan) starts to find himself in Memphis, dreaming of even more: “How about New York? How about Hollywood? There’s a big ole world out there, Trix. There ain’t nothing in Memphis,” he tells girlfriend Trixie Dean (played by AlexAnn Hopkins, seemingly a fictionalized version of Elvis’ real high school girlfriend Dixie Locke).

A fourth plot strand follows carny Tom Parker (Billy Gardell) as he moves into the world of music promotion as the manager of country singer Eddy Arnold (Trevor Donovan).

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