Sun Records Season 1 Episode 1: Memphis Filming Locations and Recap

Sun Records premiered on CMT last week (Feb. 23, 2017). If you haven’t yet, read my introduction post to this eight-part series. You can also watch full episodes on (though you’ll have to sit through a lot of ads) or buy it on Amazon.

Here’s a quick recap of the first episode “706 Union”, then a list of Memphis filming locations you can spot while you watch. I’ve seen the whole show, but the spoilers that follow are just for the first episode. This review is rated PG.

Sun Records Season 1, Episode 1 Recap
In this episode, we meet many of our key characters. Elvis croons sadly while his dad complains about his sissy hair grease. Sam Phillips goes to a juke joint in Brownsville because He Loves Real Music™ and for some reason drags his annoyed wife and scared kid along. They meet wacky DJ Dewey Phillips, who is probably my favorite character. They become pals and Dewey tells him about this dude called B.B. King.

Sam goes up to his studio aka Memphis Recording Service/Sun Studio and we meet his assistant, Mary. He’s got big dreams, but Mary is still putting the place together and all folks want him to record is boring old yickety yack country stuff and funerals.

We meet Johnny Cash on his family’s decrepit farm in Arkansas. His dad is super mean and super racist, so Johnny says forget it and joins the Air Force.  Read more here.

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