Do Savannah: Empire of Sound: Notes from a music junkie at Savannah Music Festival

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Over the last week, I caught 11 Savannah Music Festival concerts and three rock shows around town, and still managed to miss a lot of really great music.

Fortunately, there’s another week-plus of the festival set to open what promises to be an amazing April of music.

Here are some highlights from one music junkie’s point of view:

Honestly, there was little to complain about or critique at any of the shows I attended this past week. In his Unplugged column, the wonderful Bill Dawers was correct, I believe, in his assessment of Savannah’s music scene: we are spoiled rotten.

You can read my reviews of Arias & Encores, Brahms vs. Tchaikovsky, The Avett Brothers and Monk and Dizzy at 100 elsewhere on this site, so I’ll skip on those.

Probably standing at the forefront of this week’s highlights was the double bill of Haitian roots group Chouk Bwa Libete and Leyla McCalla featuring Dom Flemons.

Staying true to the educational spirit of the Savannah Music Festival, McCalla went into great detail about the history and personal importance of each song she chose. Singing in a mix of Creole, French and English, McCalla and her band offered an intriguing journey into Haitian folk music. Flemons is an insatiably happy guy, and was the icing on the cake for this performance. Read more here. 


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