Dom Flemons performed on Song of the Mountains

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America fell in love with the Carolina Chocolate Drops a decade ago. They blended country blues upon a plate of folk within a string band structure as played in a fervent old-time gospel fashion.

Dom Flemons co-founded the Carolina Chocolate Drops. He makes his Song of the Mountains debut on June 3 at the Lincoln Theatre in Marion, Virginia. Graced with a guitar, banjo, and bones to play, Flemons bills as an American songster within the ongoing year of the folk singer.

Flemons rates as unforgettable. With a Grammy in hand, he exited the Chocolate Drops in late 2013. Bound for a solo career, ambitious folk albums including 2014’s “Prospect Hill” featured Flemons as an archaeological musician. With banjo in hand, he digs back, brings forth his finds, and graces audiences worldwide with tuneful discoveries. In heart and song, he’s a true folk singer.

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