Wide Open Country: Watch Dom Flemons Redefine the Old West on ‘Steel Pony Blues’


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On “Steel Pony Blues,” Flemons pays tribute to Nat Love: “I wrote this song about the amazing life of Nat Love, known as ‘Deadwood Dick.’ In 1854, he was born into slavery in Tennessee, and at a young age he made his way out West to work on a ranch in Holbrook, Arizona. By 1890, he retired from the ranch and began to work on the Denver and Rio Grande Western Railroad as a Pullman Porter. In his 1907 autobiography he wrote: ‘I always say to the traveling American, “See America”…I have seen a large part of America, and am still seeing it, but the life of a hundred years would be all too short to see our country…’ I feel honored to have followed in the footsteps of Nat Love, in his great admiration for the United States.”

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