Rolling Stone: AmericanaFest 2018: Must-See Artists and Showcases at Nashville Music Event

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A co-founder of the Carolina Chocolate Drops, Dom Flemons’ new LP Black Cowboys is an essential piece of both art and anthropological study, seeking to correct the narrative on how we represent — and who we leave out of — stories of the Old West. And though Black Cowboys was released on Smithsonian Folkways, under the African American Legacy Recordings Series, it finds an artist who can both preserve the rich legacy of roots music while also moving it forward. Flemons not only recorded songs by African-American artists who contributed to the vast catalog of music about the westward expansion and were then erased from its history, but he wrote originals, too. Flemons will participate in a panel on “The History of African Americans in Roots Music” on Thursday, and his showcase that evening will be just as joyous as it is enlightening. M.M.

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