Index Journal: Carl White: The American songster



Over the years, we have produced many broadcast segments that celebrate music in the Carolinas and those who bring it to life.


Several years ago, we produced a segment with the Carolina-based group, The Carolina Chocolate Drops, on stage at McGlohon Theater at Spirit Square in Charlotte, North Carolina. It was a good interview and I recall how amazed we all were with the performance. When the onstage energy was combined with the telling of the history of the music, the audience enjoyed an authentic time-travel experience.


Dom Flemons was a founding member of the band. It was his ability to master various historic instruments which left the audience spellbound. Some were common, and others were new to most audience members. I think that was what made the performance so engaging and entertaining. You dared not take your eyes off the stage for fear of missing what he might play next. It really was a special evening.

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