Growing up in Flagstaff, Arizona, musician Dom Flemons’ father, like other local African-American men and women, often listened to the only radio station in town—a country station.

“He was very well versed in country music,” Flemons said of father, Charles Flemons, who worked for a time as a Pullman porter on the railroad. On train routes to western towns such as Winslow and Holbrook, his father actually was living out lyrics such as Charley Pride’s 1970 hit, “(Is Anybody Goin’ to) San Antone?”

“That was his life, and he had a very visceral connection to country music in a way that in Phoenix seemed a little odd,” Flemons said. “When he went down to Phoenix, he was wearing Wranglers and bolo ties.”

So, perhaps it’s not a stretch for Dom Flemons, a Grammy Award winner, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, producer, actor, music scholar, historian, and record collector. An expert on the banjo, fife, guitar, harmonica, jug, percussion instruments, quills, and rhy0fae53_9fc15ebccb664236967d3ee821a0a248~mv2_d_2016_1512_s_2.jpgthm bones, he lives just outside Washington, D.C. with his wife Vania Kinard and their young daughter, Cheyanne Love.

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