You might have a quick reaction to those preemptive words “The American Songster” but, in fact, that’s how Grammy winner time and two-time Emmy winner Dom Flemons is known. One wonders if there’s anything that’s beyond his immense scope of talents. He’s a songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, producer, actor, music scholar, historian, and record collector. He plays banjo, fife, guitar, harmonica, jug, percussion, and rhythm bones – all instruments that are represented somewhere in this sprawling two-disc set that comes in three parts. It includes the original Prospect Hill album from 2014, the 2015 Record Store Day nine-track EP What Got Over (making its first appearance in CD/digital), and a third section, The Drum Major instinct, 12 previously unissued instrumentals that focus on moods, rhythm experimentation and “the beats.” The last two parts are contained on CD 2.

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