Dom Flemons – Complete Discography

Year Album Artist Credit
2018 Black Cowboy Dom Flemons Banjo, Composer, Guitar (Acoustic), Harmonica, Pan Pipes, Vocal Harmony, Vocals
2017 Martin and Dom Flemons: Ever Popular Favourites Album Dom Flemons and Martin Simpson Banjo, Composer, Guitar (Acoustic), Harmonica, Pan Pipes, Vocal Harmony, Vocals
2015 What Got Over Dom Flemons Banjo, Group Member, Harmonica, Jug, Producer, Quills, Vocals
2014 Prospect Hill Dom Flemons Banjo, Group Member, Harmonica, Jug, Producer, Quills, Vocals
2013 Take a Look at That Baby Eden & John’s East River String Band Banjo, Group Member, Harmonica, Jug, Producer, Quills, Vocals
2013 Celebrates 50 Years of Music Tom Rush Banjo, Composer, Guitar (Acoustic), Harmonica, Pan Pipes, Vocal Harmony, Vocals
2013 Divide & United: Songs of the Civil War Various Artists Vocals
2013 Ideal Proof Hogmaw Producer
2013 Leaving Eden The Carolina Chocolate Drops 4-String Banjo, Arranger, Composer, Drums (Bass), Drums (Snare), Guitar, Jug, Quills, Vocals
2012 Voice of Ages The Chieftains Arranger, Quills
2012 Mercyland: Hymns for the Rest of Us Various Artists Guitar, Vocals
2011 The Uptown Strut Sankofa Composer, Co-Producer
2011 Be Kind to a Man When He’s Down Eden & John’s East River String Band Guest artist
2010 Carolina Chocolate Drops/Luminescent Orchestrii Luminescent Orchestrii 4-String Banjo, Composer, Handclapping, Lyricist, Vocals
2010 Genuine Negro Jig The Carolina Chocolate Drops 4-String Banjo, Arranger, Composer, Drums (Bass), Foot Percussion, Guitar, Jug, Throat Singing, Vocals
2009 Carolina Chocolate Drops & Joe Thompson Joe Thompson Guitar, Jug, Vocals
2009 Drunken Barrel House Blues Eden & John’s East River String Band Dancer, Guest Artist, Guitar, Harmonica, Jug, Quills, Vocals
2009 Things About Comin’ My Way: A Tribute to the Mississippi Sheiks Various Artists Guitar
2007 American Songster Dom Flemons Banjo, Group Member, Harmonica, Jug, Producer, Quills, Vocals
2008 Heritage The Carolina Chocolate Drops 4-String Banjo, Clappers, Drums (Snare), Jug, Percussion, Vocals
2007 Dance Tunes, Ballads and Blues Dom Flemons Banjo, Group Member, Harmonica, Jug, Producer, Quills, Vocals


‘Black Cowboys’ is the new album from multi-instrumentalist, songster, and co-founding member of the GRAMMY Award winning Carolina Chocolate Drops, Dom Flemons. More than a collection of songs from the “Wild West,” the record sheds light on the prominent but often overlooked role African American pioneers played in westward expansion.

In 2018, Smithsonian Folkways Recordings celebrates its 70th anniversary, honoring Folkways founder Moses Asch’s mission to “document the people’s music.” As a musical torchbearer and innovator, Dom Flemons is committed to extending and reinterpreting Asch’s legacy in the modern age. Joining him on this year’s extensive release schedule are avant-garde folk duo Anna & Elizabeth, Iraqi-American oud virtuoso Rahim AlHaj, Tejano giants Los Texmaniacs, and special projects that include the ‘Smithsonian Anthology of Hip-Hop and Rap,’ a topical box set on ‘The Social Power of Music,’ and extensive retrospectives on Folkways greats Pete Seeger and Barbara Dane.

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Whilst known for being an English folk singer, guitarist and songwriter Martin Simpson has been combining British and Afro-American music for many years; he also lived in the US for fifteen years and anyone who has seen him perform live will testify to his fondness of those experiences through the stories he tells. In 2005, Dom Flemons co-founded the Carolina Chocolate Drops, who won a GRAMMY for their 2010 album Genuine Negro Jig. After leaving the Carolina Chocolate Drops he released Prospect Hill, his third solo album, in 2014 and the EP What Got Over in 2015. He has traveled all over the world advocating for traditional American music.


In 2014 the English Folk Dance and Song Society (EFDSS) commissioned (in association with WOMAD) a unique artistic collaboration between two of the United States’ and England’s foremost musical tradition bearers to explore the journey of our shared folk music, and the changes between their respective musical traditions. Martin Simpson (one of the finest acoustic finger-style and slide guitar players in the world) & Dom Flemons (THE American Songster) quickly established an extensive shared repertoire and an infectious enthusiasm for the possibilities of their partnership.


Dom ~ “We explored how folk songs travelled between England and North America. Martin and I have a shared interest in the early American Songsters. He told me that even though he doesn’t generally play their songs he is a fan of people like Henry Thomas and Peg Leg Howell. We also spoke of our mutual admiration of revivalists and folksingers like Mike Seeger and UK collectors like Peter Kennedy and Seamus Ennis.”

Martin ~ “It was so easy to find a repertoire in common with Dom, I immediately felt at ease and at home with all the music we discovered we shared. I was overjoyed when the quills and bones and banjo and Dom’s wonderful energy emerged on the first rehearsal, it reinvigorated songs and styles for me.”

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“When I recorded Prospect Hill back in January 2014, I knew from the beginning that I would have a lot of extra songs. Overall, we re- corded about 30 tracks and I was only able to include a portion of these on the final album. Here I present a few tracks that I felt were too good to leave in the vault.

Included here on What Got Over, there are also a few alternates to the main tracks I picked for Prospect Hill – versions in which I experimented with the sound and instrumentation but in the end they didn’t make the final cut. I sequenced this EP to be record two of two in conjunction with Prospect Hill. When you reach the end of this album you will have heard the whole Prospect Hill Omnibus! If you take both albums and make them into a playlist it will be a full hour of music.

Enjoy this companion as one more testament to 2014: The Year of the Folksinger with the hope that the music will push on! We all can use a few extra sets of hands to help in the cause of making good honest music.

I want to present this collection as a thank you to all the fans and lovers of good music. This one is for you! Catch you all down the road” – Dom Flemons

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The Illinois Entertainer calls Buffalo Junction, “Fascinating, important, a singular musical experience, and required listening for blues, folk, and musical history fans alike featuring dazzling picking.”
Hanks, one of the most important ‘discoveries’ in recent blues history, grew up sharecropping in Vance County, N.C., where he learned to play guitar from his father and from listening to Blind Boy Fuller on a wind-up gramophone. After partnering with Music Maker he went from being heard only in his community to playing for thousands at shows and festivals across the South, at the Lincoln Center and in Belgium, and opening for the Carolina Chocolate Drops. Flemons, who won a Grammy in 2011 with the Drops, was at the Music Maker office the day Hanks first arrived, and their friendship and collaborations grew from that first jam session over the next six years.

Hanks’ and Flemons’ new album Buffalo Junction, named for Hanks’ hometown in Virginia, features upbeat, country blues that crosses generational lines. The album highlights Hanks on the guitar and vocals, while Flemons plays a variety of traditional instruments such as the jug, harmonica, bones and also sings backup vocals.

The Illinois Entertainer calls Buffalo Junction, “Fascinating, important, a singular musical experience, and required listening for blues, folk, and musical history fans alike featuring dazzling picking.”

Hanks is a partner artist of Music Maker, while Flemons is a Next Generation Artist. Through Next Generation partnerships, MMRF fosters the continuation of Southern traditional music among younger generations of musicians. Buffalo Junction is a collaborative album that does just that.

Native Arizonan Dom Flemons is a true modern “Songster”, engaging audiences from the green Carolinas to the ruddy Southwest with personalized interpretations of folk, blues, early jazz and rock, country, and original material.” -Tim Duffy
Born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona, Dom Flemons has thoroughly immersed himself in the sounds of yesterday, with a prodigious record collection and an immense knowledge of the different playing styles of the blues, country and string band traditions evident in his first solo album, Dance Tunes, Ballads and Blues.

“Dom Flemons is a true virtuoso. A musician that is equally adept at singing, playing, and the craft of songwriting, Flemons enjoys testing his skills on a variety of musical instruments in a variety of musical genres.” -Full-Time Blues
American Songster is the second solo album that Dom Flemons, Carolina Chocolate Drops member, has produced with Music Maker. This album features a mix of songs, forged in Dom’s own style, that have inspired him over the years.

Dom presents a creative and unique perspective on original songs by artists including Joe Thompson, Leadbelly & Henry Thomas. His mastery of the banjo, harp, fife, bass drum, quills and even bones, is presented in this album that puts an exciting twist on American roots music.


Released July 22, 2014 on Music Maker Relief Foundation.

Prospect Hill finds Flemons digging deeply into ragtime, Piedmont blues, spirituals, southern folk music, string band music, jug band music, fife and drum music, and ballads idioms with showmanship and humor, reinterpreting the music to suit 21st century audiences.

Positive press:

“No musician in recent memory has tackled so many different idioms with such sincerity and style as Flemons, making him easily the most gifted American songster of his generation.” -Living Blues Magazine

“Flemons’s harmonica-heavy, foot-tapping folk makes for the perfect hot summer soundtrack.” -Paste Magazine

“This is interracial hoedown music, irresistibly delivered with a wink and a strut, and it sounds unlike anything else on the market today.” -Wondering Sound

“Dom Flemons satisfied an old-time craving.” -CMT Edge

“A mix of traditional and original songs that explore different moods and strains of Americana from both the head and the heart.” -Boston Globe

“The recording is warm and intimate, and if you don’t catch yourself beaming broadly as you listen you are just not paying attention. Dom Flemons’s Prospect Hill is a treasure, hopefully merely the first of many more to come.” -Sing Out! Magazine

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